Alcohol & Drug Recovery Centre

Welcome to the Alcohol & Drug Recovery Centre. Let us help you feel better.

We are a private mental health recovery and rehabilitation centre with a strong commitment towards the promotion of health and wellbeing of Australians. We offer a wide range of recovery programs that address prevailing mental health conditions within Australia. 

Our services are delivered with care, love, and competence. This way, you enjoy the very best experience with our onsite services. 

Our Local Partners

Why Choose Us?

There a wide range of factors that makes us preferable. They include

We possess a wide range of industry-leading professionals that are beyond qualified to assist you on your journey towards recovery.

We also individualise all our services to meet the specific needs of a guest. We take note of your current circumstances when making plans for your recovery.

You do not have to break the bank when you choose us for your recovery and rehabilitation needs.

Our support does not end after you leave the four walls of our residential program. We also offer support that extends for as much as a year. This way, we help you stay on course.

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