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Welcome to the Alcohol & Drug Recovery Centre. Let us help you feel better.

We are a private mental health recovery and rehabilitation centre with a strong commitment towards the promotion of health and wellbeing of Australians. We offer a wide range of recovery programs that address prevailing mental health conditions within Australia. 

Our services are delivered with care, love, and competence. This way, you enjoy the very best experience with our onsite services. 

Addiction & Dependency


An aspect of addiction is alcohol dependency or addiction. This involves a physical or total reliance on alcohol. Also, it can result in a wide range of psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, anger issues, emotional regulation difficulties, and depression. At Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centre, we run a program that allows you to recover from alcohol dependency or addiction.


Another aspect of addiction is drug addiction and dependence. This is a condition that arises when people attempt self-medication to mitigate psychological and physical distress and pain or illicit drug use. In turn, this can develop into a compulsive and harmful use of a drug that has serious mental and physical health consequences. At Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centre, we run a program that allows you to recover from drug dependency or addiction.

Health Conditions

Chronic Stress & Burnout

Although a surprising fact, one relevant element of our life is stress. However, the issue arises when we fail to manage our stress level properly. In such a case, it can result in a wide range of mental and physical challenges to our health.

Eating Disorders

Today, eating disorders affect a considerable number of Australians, reaching as much as 4%. It is a mental and physical health condition that culminates in unhealthy eating pattern among patients.

Mood & Anxiety Disorders

Mental health represents a distinct experience for every person and comes with a wide array of fundamental cause, symptoms, and expression. Typically, there is a wide range of mental health conditions that are prominent today.

Grief, Trauma & PTSD

Today, grief, trauma, and PTSD are quite common and may take a different form. However, while they are tricky to overcome, recovery is impossible. All you require is professional support.

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