Addiction and dependency are prominent conditions today. An aspect of this condition is alcohol dependency or addiction. 

This involves a physical or total reliance on alcohol. In this case, it does not distinguish between gender as it can affect both men and women. Also, it can result in a wide range of psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, anger issues, emotional regulation difficulties, and depression.

Typically, the standard recommended intake per day is two drinks. Hence, in a situation where a person continually exceeds this recommendation, this may point at a case of alcohol misuse and dependency. Other symptoms include:

  • Constant thinking about when next you can drink
  • Frequent consumption of alcohol and trying to cover such consumption 
  • Realising it is difficult to sleep or relax without alcohol 
  • Finding it tricky to stop consumption after reaching the maximum recommended daily limit

Note that dependency sets in where a person begins to experience withdrawal symptoms when they do not consume alcohol. These withdrawal symptoms include sweating, racing heart, headache, shaking, and nauseous feeling, among others.

At Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centre, we run a program that allows you to recover from alcohol dependency or addiction. We offer the services of our health care professionals that ensure your journey towards recovery is fast, smooth, and seamless.

Our program spotlights include:

  • Access to qualified medical practitioners ranging from General Practitioners to Addiction Medical Specialist. We also offer onsite Psychiatrists and Registered Nurses 
  • Access to a multidisciplinary program that incorporates emotional, nutritional, physical, and psychological therapies
  • Access to industry-leading genetic testing that assists in the identification of underlying biological factors that contributes to alcohol addiction or dependency 

Our program in details

Our program in details

Our program does not leave your recovery to chance. We ensure we provide the necessary environment to provide you with an excellent experience through recovery. We do this first by engaging the services of our highly qualified Addiction Medical Specialists that support you as you recover. We also have with us, a medical team with considerable experience that surpasses other private medical centres.

Private Hospital Detox

Detoxing yourself from alcohol is an essential aspect of your journey to recovery. However, it can become a severe health risk where you do not engage with the proper medical attention and care. Where necessary, we might recommend that you enjoy a short detoxification period in any private hospital just before you join us. This way, you can manage the withdrawal symptoms that come with alcohol dependency effectively.

Onsite Psychiatrist

Our program also ensures you enjoy the services of a highly experienced and qualified psychiatrist. Our team continuously lead schedule meetups with you to renew your medication and ensure you enjoy a comprehensive and integrated treatment. Also, thanks to their experience, they can provide the best therapeutic and pharmaceutical support.

Emotional, Psychological, and Physical Therapies

Our program at the Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centre also ensures that you enjoy evidence and measurable based approach to recovery. We address the “why” so you can get on a journey of long-lasting healing. We also address the physical aspect so you can regain your body’s strength and energy. In turn, you can enjoy better overall health.

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