Case Studies & Research

At Alcohol & Drug Recovery Centre, we base our practice on measurable results and evidence. Our case studies and research prove the efficiency and performance of our approach.

Equine Therapy

Brandt, C. (2013). Equine-Facilitated psychotherapy as a complementary treatment intervention. The Practitioner Scholar: Journal of Counseling and Professional Psychology, 2, 23–42. This article examines the relevance of Equine Assisted Therapy to mental health conditions.

Music Therapy

Montánchez Torres, María & Juárez-Ramos, V. & Martínez, Pedro & García, Santiago & Torres-Mendoza, Manuel. (2016). Benefits of Using Music Therapy in Mental Disorders. Journal of Biomusical Engineering. 04. 10.4172/2090-2719.1000116. This article examines the relevance of music therapy to mental health rehabilitation.

Art Therapy

Heenan, Deirdre. (2006). Art as therapy: An effective way of promoting positive mental health? Disability & Society. 21. 179-191. 10.1080/09687590500498143. This article examines the relevance of art therapy to mental health rehabilitation.


Conroy, Deirdre & Arnedt, J. (2014). Sleep and Substance Use Disorders: An Update. Current psychiatry reports. 16. 487. 10.1007/s11920-014-0487-3. This article examines the relationship between poor sleeping and mental health and substance misuse.

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