Chronic Stress & Burnout

Although a surprising fact, one relevant element of our life is stress. And this is usually as a result of a wide range of circumstances such as our personal, financial, emotional, and work situation. However, the issue arises when we fail to manage our stress level properly. In such a case, it can result in a wide range of mental and physical challenges to our health. This is what we term as chronic stress and burnout. Chronic stress and burnout occur when an individual subject him or herself to a considerable level of pressure above that which they can bear. In such, situation, whether physical or emotional, stress and burnout set in when the body and mind experience severe fatigue such that it leaves the individual vulnerable. Typically, when our body senses any threat, it releases chemical and hormones that alter our emotional regulation and physical functioning. Usually, this condition ends when the perception of the threat ends. However, in a case where it does not end, this hormonal response remains unchanged. Chronic stress occurs where the emotional and physical change persists after the perception of threat ends. Then, when this case gets worse, a person begins to experience burnout. In most cases, it can then lead to disinterest and detachment from daily and necessary activities. Also, such an individual will experience emotional and physical exhaustion, even from the slightest activity. It can then culminate to intense fatigue such that feelings of cynicism, pessimism, and resentment emerge. Usually, cases of chronic stress and burnout leaves the victim predisposed to avoid additional conditions. These conditions include gastrointestinal inflammation, anxiety, substance abuse, depression, and cardiovascular diseases.

Regardless, certain symptoms accompany a condition of chronic stress or burnout. They include a wide range of physical, behavioural, and cognitive symptoms. They include:

  • Poor judgment, difficulty in concentrating, increased anxiety, and memory-related problems 
  • General pains and aches, chest pain physical exhaustion, nausea and dizziness, and libido loss
  • Appetite loss, insomnia, oversleeping, alcohol or substance abuse, and social withdrawal 
  • Resentment, apathy, and disinterest in earlier interesting things 
  • Rescued productivity during a task

Note, it is crucial to pay considerable attention to this health condition. This is due to the wide range of impact that it can have on your overall quality of life. Even more, it tends to be common than we anticipated thanks to the increasing workload and pressure on individuals.

Also, while it can affect a wide range of people, age, and gender, it is more common among adults due to their considerable exposure to workload and work-life pressure.

However, while this is considerable daunting, you can surmount chronic stress and burnout with the right professional help. Through the application of therapy, psychological education, and lifestyle changes, you can experience a new lease of life free of the challenges that culminate in severe stress and burnout.

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