Addiction and dependency are prominent conditions today. An aspect of this condition is drug addiction and dependence. 

This is a condition that arises when people attempt self-medication to mitigate psychological and physical distress and pain. In some cases, it might also occur from illicit drug use. In turn, this can develop into a compulsive and harmful use of a drug that has serious mental and physical health consequences. 

Typically, with drug addiction, there can be both physical and behavioural symptoms. However, in both cases, there might be unique reactions from each patient. Regardless, physical symptoms and signs that are common in cases of drug dependency include:

  • Strange feelings after the drug try out
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, breathing difficulties, shakiness 
  • Increased tolerance to substance intake such that there is an increased need for drugs to get the same effect 

Beyond this, there are other behavioural symptoms and signs of drug dependency or addiction. They include:

  • Secretive behaviours when it comes to drug use
  • A considerable amount of time considering and thinking about using the drug 
  • Lying to doctors, pharmacist, friends, and family about drug use

Typically, the most abused medication, include analgesics, stimulants, hallucinogens, depressants. 

At Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centre, we run a program that allows you to recover from drug dependency or addiction. We offer the services of our health care professionals that ensure your journey towards recovery is fast, smooth, and seamless.

Our program spotlights include:

  • Access to thorough and safe support from our highly-skilled and experienced team of health care professionals. Our professionals range from General Practitioners to Addiction Medical Specialists 
  • Access to regular sessions managed by multiple therapists to ensure that you enjoy a strong therapeutic connection and benefits ranging from nutrition to physical exercise and psychology 
  • Access to industry-leading genetic testing that assists in the identification of underlying preferences, intolerances and deficiencies 

Our program in details

Addiction Medical Specialists

We ensure we provide the necessary environment to provide you with an excellent experience through recovery. We do this by engaging the services of our highly qualified Addiction Medical Specialists that support you as you recover. They offer excellent medical supervision, guidance recovery, and pharmacological relapse avoidance.

Onsite Psychiatrist

Our program also ensures you enjoy the services of a highly experienced and qualified psychiatrist. Our team constantly lead schedule meetups with you to renew your medication and ensure you enjoy a comprehensive and integrated treatment. They monitor likely side effects, the efficacy of medications, and the diagnosis of co-existing mental health issue.

Emotional and Psychological Therapy

Our program at the Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centre also ensures that you enjoy evidence and measurable based approach to recovery. We adopt an evidence-based therapy that addresses the causes of drug misuse. This allows you to understand the social, cultural, and personal reasons for your addictive behaviour.

Physical Therapy

We understand that physical therapy is a significant component of combatting drug abuse and misuse. We have a physiologist that provides care and support for any injury that you might have sustained.

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